subtlety is over-fucking-rated, babe:

just scream your heart out with passion.

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let's call her zuzu
queen of jacks
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this is the story of a girl learning how to live her life. a girl who recently had her world turned upside down. a girl who loved and lost, and the losses were brutal. a girl who is in the process of re-learning herself without the people she thought she could trust at her side. a girl who found out who her true friends were, who was betrayed and hurt and did hurtful things. a girl learning to take responsibility. a girl who is learning to laugh again, to trust others and herself again. a girl learning to live with disease that changes everything she thought she was, because separating self from disease is hard. a girl who is re-building her world.

formerly hyperactivegirl

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my first love was beast from beauty and the beast. i tend to go overboard with details, and often can be found daydreaming. francesca lia block writes the way i wish the world could be, and allen ginsberg and i are secretly soulmates. i want to ride the backroads of America with jack kerouac and delve into sharon shinn’s imaginary worlds. it is my goal to write lyrics as beautiful as paul mccartney and pete wentz.

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I have three writing journals:
The one I use the most often is kaz2y5_impala, where you can find Supernatural and CW RPS fic.
Anything from original to Gilmore Girls to HP can be found at my writing community, for myself and my BFF, doggie_dreams: wordygirls_fics
Buffy/Harry Potter/Gossip Girl fic is at: hyperactivefics

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